Stud Dog Policy

We take the management of our stud dogs very seriously.
It has long been our policy to offer our clients a free return mating at the next season if:


However, owners of breeding bitches should understand that a stud fee is paid for the actual service
(ie. the actual act of a stud dog mating a bitch) - not for the production of puppies.

Stud fees are required to be paid in full at the time of the mating.

We would rarely (if ever) entertain the concept of accepting a puppy in lieu of a stud fee.
Nor would we enter into an agreement whereby a stud fee is witheld until pregnancy is confirmed
unless very special circumstances arise.
(Being broke or short of cash is not a very special circumstance).
If a proven stud dog (a dog that has produced progeny / offspring) is used at stud by the owner
of a bitch then it is also accepted that the dog is capable of fulfilling it's part in the mating.

We guarantee that if two normal matings (be they slip matings, a tie mating or in fact
artificial insemenation) have been undertaken then puppies will be produced.
It is worth noting at this juncture that if a bitch fails to fall pregnant or
has a very small litter when mated to a young, fit, proven stud dog then most often
there is a problem with the bitch or with the timing of the mating.

But - as an added benefit to our clients (and as sign of good faith) we offer:
"A free return mating on the next season if your bitch produces
LESS than two live puppies
This (by the way) is not something that we have to offer but most experienced
and respected breeders will usually do so.
The reason why "2 puppies" is used as a guide is purely financial.
 With two live puppies you have one to sell (which covers the stud fee) and also one to keep.
If only one live puppy is produced then you would need to sell that puppy to break even financially.
If there are no puppies produced then you are out of pocket to the value of the stud fee paid.

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