New Owner Criteria


Before making an enquiry about the availability of a puppy (or older dog)
please understand
that we will need some detailed information from you.

The following checklist has been designed to ensure that our puppies only go to the very best new homes.

Because we only ever breed a maximum of two litters per year the demand for our
Southbank Labrador Retriever puppies is very high.
The more information that you can provide the more chance we have of selecting and matching
a puppy that best suits your requirements.


Because we breed for ourselves first we do not allow new owners to simply
drop in and "pick out a puppy".

We will advise you of what puppies are available (based on your requirements)
and allow you to visit us at an agreed time.
During that visit you are welcome to interact with the entire litter
but we will indicate which puppy we have selected for you.
After almost 30 years experience we have become very skilled at matching
puppies and families - please trust our judgement.


  • Coat colour - Black or Yellow (we rarely if ever breed Chocolate)
  • Sex - Male or Female
  • Show Quality or Pet Quality
  • Future Plans - Do you intend pursuing any particular canine activities (obedience, agility, flyball)
  • Family - Do you have young children and their ages
  • Supervision - Will somebody be at home full time at least for the first 8 weeks
  • Desexing - we recommend desexing your puppy at an appropriate age (females after 6 months : males after 12 months)
  • Security - is your yard puppy / dog proof
  • Sleeping arrangements - will the puppy (older dog) be permitted to sleep indoors / outdoors
  • Living arrangements - will the puppy (or older dog) be living inside or outside dog or a combination of both


Contact Details

Mark & Bronwyn Sheppard
South Maclean (via Greenbank), QLD, Australia
Phone : Mark : 0458 065174
Email : [email protected]